Monday, April 5, 2010


Before we search for
          sparks in the night sky . . .
We hear the melody
of Wolf up on the rocky cliff . . .
She gazes calmly at the sun
as he begins to set,
his arms uplifted as he glows in excited bursts,
his last show through the lowered haze
is burning orange on the tree tips,
and in the eyes of wolf
a thoughtful golden gleam . . .
a restless songbird ruffles her feathers
in the deep dark shadows,
while storm clouds
gather far in the deeply purpled south . . .
and wind walker swiftly moves through
the tall grasses
giving them song. . . their summer parched voices
sighing towards the night . . .
and the blackened sky above
delivers sparks of light into the black sky
while the trees sway to the hum
of the stray breezes as they
explore beneath the leaves and
swirl down toward the valley
carrying bits of dust and other
toys for young breezes
to toss about in play . . .
Wolf runs quietly through the tall grasses
silky like water she moves,
following the ridge line
until she reaches the valley floor
and knowing the road home
with only the stars to guide her
she disappears into the blackness of the night
while all is at peace and is still
and then the music of the velvet black night
begins to sing as the crickets give voice
to their thoughts and delights . . .

This morning I cried just a little
as I thought of my old companion,
white wolf,
but then I was given a song
to fill my heart and mind . . .
I have missed poetry,
in my shadowy sorrows.
As I walked my path
in the glistening dark and as
the early morning light
began to rise,

I thought of her again,
my old angelic wolf friend . . .
but this time I did not cry
for, as I wished
that I could see her,
I felt my wings begin to unfurl. . .
bigger and stronger than ever
before . . .
they lifted me a bit
and I struggled with them,
because I am but a fledgling
not strong enough yet
to use those marvelous
appendages . . .
what a gift to have wings
I didn't know that they grew
to be so shining bright
and so huge!


A friend of mine, Sparky, found the original of my wolf avatar: 

Which has been this one for years:                 

And which I am trying to turn into an orangeupurple wolf:

Well, I know it will take some more work - so stay tuned! (edit - she looks better but could shine a little more.)
We also discovered that there are way more Wolfsong's in this world than I first thought . . . so much for being unique! 

I remember, just a few days ago, when I tried to call my sister, only since she has been dead for so many years I couldn't.
I also remember wondering why I never bought a camera or took up photography until after Creix recently encouraged me to make my own picts for my blog. In my family my sister was the photographer and I was the writer. I avoided picture taking as it was my sister's art. Well, now I know why I wanted to call my sister, and now I understand why I was hit with depression . . . problem solved!  Its the understanding of it that I wanted and I now have. YAY!


The Grand Design

Surely there is a grand plan
Devised by a creator . . . i want to know that Truth, perfectly . . .
but is the wanting enough ?
Must i make a sacrifice
or why do my questions
seem to remain so flat
as if but reflections . . .
or . . . more like the waiting
on every shore for the tide to turn
and reveal the bits offered to the sun,
but only finding the shadows and skeletons, the incomplete . . .
i want to know Truth . . .
my heart cries out for it,
and in stealth i seek it
looking for that profound love . . .
that love that speaks of glory
giving a lie to destruction . . .
and yet destruction is so much a
part of the plan, surely - for it is there
in my pathway . . . spiteful and dark like
the turn of the grave . . .
yet still i have hope . . . while i still stand on this earth,
or should i just give up on truth?
i will know it after the grave surely,
but this, what we know here,  may be all there is . . .
it is so ephemeral . . . all so capable of floating away
like so many molecules . . .
adrift in the black dust of the stars
settling in the rays of ambient light,
like cloud creatures lost and alone
in the spaces of eternity . . .
my beginning,  is where i am . . .and others,
like fragile marbles rolling about
crackling and crashing . . .
so where is the ending?
Understanding is where we rest and
Hope? - is it part of the Grand Plan?
it seems to be nothing
more than empty wishes . . .
nothing more than fatuous lies
to keep us motivated . . .
maybe Truth has to do with connections,
people touching people
lifting, helping, loving - that must be it -
the answer seems closer somehow,
there must be a form of love involved . . .
and love - what does that mean - exactly?
so many forms of it,
so many excuses to avoid it . . .
is it feeling? and its source could it be a lie?
like hope? Hope and Love . . .
brothers in betrayal?
am i being oblique in my meanderings here?
  perhaps of course for i am
seeking Truth and the Grand Plan - and being only
a very minor cog perhaps i
have no cause for enlightenment
perhaps i am but a meaningless bit
of fluff on the floor of
the machine - i don't know . . .
or even if i'm meant to
know . . . or perhaps i tread
where Angels never walk.
is the question in my head
for a reason - or is it
even something i truly
want the answer for?
i have spent my whole entire life
wondering, wandering
asking . . . tell me . . . tell me . . . only because
i long to know and so
i leave my questions here. . .

A monument of an album . . . designed to inspire and give hope! 
Like a bright ray of light after a dark storm or a long winter's night. 
This music is extravagant, elegant, full of thought
and adventure with a sound quality which would wake up the sleepiest of listeners.  
I found it to be a very thought provoking album also.

So, what is Truth?