Monday, April 12, 2010

Dragons in My Garden

- Dragons in my garden -
Climbing up from behind the
mossy tree stump;
which was left after a storm
blew down the old pine
one dark and lonely night . . . ;
climbing up into the sunlight,
they blink their golden eyes slowly,
the three of them,
shining brightly as startled dreams
of ruby red and emerald green
and sky blue . . .
yet all were crystal clear . . .
fading in and out of reality
and leaving not a foot print
and creating not a sound
they unfurled their gossamer wings
and flew to the bird bath                                      
to drink and bathe and splash                             
each other in delight,
as if the sparrows in flight
above their heads would join
them in this school yard play.
They sparkled as the new-morn dew
and flinging bits of water from their wings
they flew about my garden
chasing tiny bees and yellow butterflies
and finally landing on a branch of
a low hung tree
to soak up the sunlight . . .
gaining brightness as it beamed
on their shiny heads . . .
what could I do but stand
in silent awe and watch
this effervescent beauty . . .
the one of sky blue
flew  down to my face and hovered
there looking into my eyes
and giving me an answer
I have longed for since the
beginning of time . . .
and now I know . . . 


Sorry for the poor drawing of the little dragon.
I was in a huge hurry as they were not staying still and
they left soon after the blue one flew up to look me in
the eyes. But you get the idea. They were only the size of
a hummingbird - and here I had always thought that
dragons were giants!

1 comment:

LittleFingers said...

Real dragons fit their size to their environment.
I've had one in my bedroom, who, at night, used to cover my bed with one of his wings. And some nights, he invited me for a flight over the world. Once we passed the window, he was so large and big, so reassuring ! And I flew over the world on his back, looking down at lit cities no bigger than a pinhead. And his body was so warm that as high as we were flying, I never felt the cold of the night.
He has been my best companion for years.