Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stalking the Urban Color

The Echoes of Summer!

following the pathway 
through the Spring
pink confetti
small birds sing
scent of lilacs
in the breeze
the echoes of you
calling me
an endless sight
of flower gardens
mourning dove's
silent flight
solemn sunrise
from the night
the echoes of you
following me

along the pathway 
through the spring




Spud said...

I really like the words and the pictures you've used, and I also like spring too. I do wonder who (or what) you is described in the work, but it's unimportant. Really good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Wolfsong said...

Hey Spud - thanks for your comment. . this poem was unfinished as I always have panic attacks when I accidentally start a rhyming poem . . but it was Summer following me in this one as per the title.