Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nowhere Near Eden

Dandelion ---
The most cheerful of creatures
is happy to flower wherever
                 and whenever he wishes . . .
he has the stamina and tenacity
to hang on whatever the situation
and if plucked by
a vengeful hand
or hungry teeth,
grows back with many
     more heads like a joyful hydra . . .
His sunny disposition
               reflects golden light
and draws a roving eye
which sees a bright disturbance
upon the kelly green
and preferring the flatness
          of such a place
is repulsed by this optimistic dreamer
and finds a means by which

to remove such an offense
for fear
that a view of perfection
will be impeached
by the endeavors
of this prolific lion-hearted beauty.

So, like a starless night . . .
a dandelion-less green,
something so unblemished and pure,
becomes a reflection of the unrealistic
dreams of humankind,
but is only a sullied and lost vision of perfection -
a perception of an Eden which never was.


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