Friday, April 9, 2010


To Claudette G. a dear friend                            

Someone Who Deserves 
The Sun, The Moon and The Stars!

What I wish for you . . .

I wish for you the wisdom of the child
as she walks and is full of wonder
at the brightness of this new world . . .

I wish for you the vision to see
the rose petals lining the mountain peaks
in the morning, early,
as the sun begins to slowly climb . . .

I wish for you the wings of the eagle
as she soars above the spur of the mountain,
and held in the warm grasp of the lifting air
flys higher yet to
the the loftiest clouds . . .

I wish for you the gentle breath
of early Summer breezes
as they tug and touch with whispering
kisses, teasing and nudging,
encouraging the reluctant . . .

I wish for you the grasp of the tree frog,
clinging to the strength of the mighty pine,
calling out his delighted questions
to the universal forest and
awaiting echoing answers . . .

I wish for you the legs of the vine
as it holds dear to the earth, yet explores
and seeks ever higher places . . .
turning and questing, always holding,
holding on . . .

I wish for you the heart of the bumble bee
as she hovers above the purple clover
waiting for the right moment to land . . .
and the tongue
of the hummingbird as he drinks
of the honeyed dew lined up
as pearls
in the petals of the velvet rose . . .

and I wish for you the song of the
sparrow, who sings of love and joy
and peace as she cares for her
tender family. . .



Where do you find the creation of music like that? In your heart? . . . Your head? . . . your soul? Its so good?!?
walking 1 - had such a marvelous way of building up on the melody with the various instruments . . .
it was such a happy music! 
The piano was outstanding throughout that one and with the echo of the drums - I just loved it! 
But, shh . . . I just want to listen now to the rest . . .

Twenty some minutes later . . . Well, after listening to all the walking songs -
I can't decide which one I like best.They were all strong - 
with a powerful beat, a powerful message, and powering on down the pathway, 
whether with a destination in mind or just to meander along enjoying nature; 
this is some really good music.
It carries you along with its strength and beauty . . . it is bright, happy,
trippy . . . how could you not help but love all these golden songs. 
Very creative, enjoyable, even relaxing if you want to use it thusly - 
but it is outstanding walking music, and I sure love to walk.

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C.G. said...

Thanks a lot for this so nice and touching poestry Barbara. I'am very impressed and so happy that you wrote it for me...