Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Like a black-bird flying in the night
I disappear . . . against the velvet darkness
of a sable sky . . .
yet beneath
the light of the white moon
I veil a fraction of that incandescent orb . . .
drifting in and out, I beckon for
your sight. . .
when you look up, you see me
and I see the moonlight on your
upturned face and the stars in your eyes
and your strength rests in the long shadow
of you from the moon kisses. . .
her light touches, glancing, dripping down your body,
pooling around you like a halo,
and you become almost unbearable to watch .. .
my little shadow
but a black beacon
whorling around, like a candle in a lighthouse. . .
just a small darkness roiling
the beauty of the perfect moon . . 

(I'm not sure of the date when I wrote this poem . . . I ran across it today so I thought I would throw it in here . . .)

A wonderful cellist - Album from Magnatunes.....

    Second Sight by Jami Sieber

This music:
Doesn't make me feel  
heavy, empty or abused
Nor does it give me wings to fly;
It keeps me earth bound
and makes me feel 
airy and capable of
being filled with the
shiny waters of her cello, her poetry,
light singing reading
invited to smile,
and lope like a deer
across fields and plains,
running in the free air,
bounding high, but earth bound,
and resting in the shade of trees. 

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