Saturday, July 3, 2010

Music Follows Me .. .. .. Like an Aroma .. .. .. A Golden Note:

The dark noises ascend
giving you a smooth road
over the caliginous sea
and the songs
lay down the route
above the depth
and hurtle you with the smooth tempo
over the deep murky waters
and the music fills the ocean
with its darkness
and you walk on burnished waters
because you believe
because the music gave you that
black road in the dark
with only one candle to see by . . .

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   Easy going, gently calming
it takes you where you most want to go . ..
to airy sites along golden beaches,
and mountain meadows where.. .. ..
breezes move through with the imperative
to give you flight and
see you rise above the fray
and cease the strife
that wanders through your gray day
and a gentle touch of the music
trails you in the end
and you will remember
this little bit of peace. . .

  Smooth, full of light, refreshing the soul, giving
special moments to grab, hold,
centering the heart while
uplifting, and those rays of light.. .. ..
they brighten your outlook
for that moment while you listen,
and the stifling heat is dispelled
by the cool waters of the music.
Beautiful and at peace .. .. ..

1 comment:

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

So happy Chill Carrier's music inspired you a nice poem.
Here is a decent unobtrusive musician, composing and working, far away from unbridled roaring crowds.
Decency, well tempered nature not only makes you a good, wise and honest person, but it also allows you to accede to the very point where your inspiration stays detached of human vulgarity; then, you are not only a fair person, but a very good creator, and the inspired musician I love. I love his music, his heart is pounding in every notes.