Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paris day 1

  I love bluesy/jazz and this piece is no exception. It has a sweet mellow mood, befitting some moments in life, yet it also has an exciting pace lifting up the sweet saxophone's shine and hopefulness.

Beginning with a thunderstorm . . always a precipitous moment . .. a rainstorm washes over us and then the music . . . a feeling of awe and a sense of impending excitement . . . the music lifts our spirits as it promises adventures to come and a strong feeling of rays of sunshine through the heavy gray clouds. There is warmth.

The thoughtful sax is always a warm creature having a rich and deep personality. It projects a gleam of joy which lifts the mood along with the percussion and tempo of the piece. The rain can give a chance for moments of introspection and new opportunities which also fill the day with an inner glow and then after the storm. . . . well . . . the sun.

This song is beautiful and it reminds me of my time in Paris . . .

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LittleFingers said...

It does to me too, no doubt about it !
I very seldom come back to my past works, but this one is very dear to me.
Thanks to you M^^W.