Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creation and Disarray!

"Eyes" by:  Cv?vC

and all our mundane things
that we do
we try to fill the gaps in our days
we create
and we disarray
to our heart's content
like children in a sandbox

and we seek the highest ground
in case of flood
and we seek happiness
if we are sane,
and we understand
the temporal as an angry beast

and love is near the top
when we try to fill our bucket,
we listen to our heart
and we hear the music,
a soul song that reveals all
and heals the rawness
and wipes out the pain

and all is creation
and all is destruction
as we move through time,
and we build
and we destroy,
that is the trial and triumph
of our existence

and we are gods in our day
as we walk in our space
or swim in our rivers of dreams,
we fight the angry worm
as we head towards destruction,
the map of our destination
is laid out in the wind blown sand

and there is darkness
and there is light
and it is all explained
by the children
in the sandbox
in their creations
and their disarray


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