Friday, September 3, 2010

The Loneliness of Dragons

My first dragon drawing .. .. 
sorry . . . 
those scales were a killer. ..  
so enjoy the laugh . . .

Being considered foul beasts,
and shunned by all,
they try desperately
to find love
by capturing the precious princess
from the castle's keep . . .

Which is considered a
wrong move
by most . . .
but designed as a desperate
cry for help
by the dragon.

The knights in shining armor
leave the safety of the city
to plunge swords of steel
into the sides of the lonely dragon

And though the shiny pinprick
of a sword
reaches and slices the heart
of the dragon. . .

It is nothing
in comparison to the ache
of loneliness
in the heart of the dragon.

For dragons do not die from the mere
touch of a metal weapon. . .
for they are able to heal from
physical injury . . .

but they do die
from loneliness
in the end . .

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