Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the handbook of life

we are born naked and desperate into this world, vulnerable to the whims of fate. . .
we are rejected or held; we are starved or satiated . . .
we are born without emotions but learn them
through time . . . and experience
and our hearts describe these feelings
and our hearts recognize them in others

and some of us begin to wonder
why we don't feel real
as we think others do. . .
and we look into the mirrors
of daily living
within the eyes of others
we find ourselves reflected
and see passing thoughts
and there we see
perhaps rejection
perhaps acceptance. . .

and some of us begin to wonder
about love
and where to find it
in the rivers of living
and wonder if there can be hope
or if perhaps we are
not worthy
of such joy .  .

and some of us begin to wonder
about forgiveness,
and if forgiving ourselves
opens the hidden gates
of being forgiven . . .
and if by crossing that gate
we can find love . ..
would we then be worthy?

and some of us begin to wonder
where the instructions are
to guide us
in this place of awareness
of joy and despair. . . 

we wonder
where to find the truth
and if truth does indeed set us free
and free from what . . . 
we wonder.. .. ..
free from needing to be loved
or forgiven
we hope
the lacking of these
gives us anguish .. .. ..

And some of us grow old,
and we still wonder
for nothing has been written
where we can easily read. . .
so we try
to see the words written on
our beating hearts
between the throbs
of pain.


A tale is told, a faint, gentle female voice recounts the adventures of a young man who has a dream and hears a distant voice and must follow . . . must follow to his destiny . . . as we all must follow our siren song, whatever that may be and where ever it may lead us . . . The story is full of misty adventures, like in a dream, do they exist . . . is this real? We float along with the music and on this lovely mystical journey with the stars to guide us in this unknown and new creation.

Beauty in a "Breeze" the sound of angels singing through the flute and exquisite melody . . . "Arid" with music so nearly muted. and very quiet, wind and stringed instruments painting emptiness and loneliness through a vastness that transcends vision . . . and quietly describes bewilderment through the empty spaces of a journey, the desolate places we all find.

And then the "Silence" which comes before the effervescent "Storm" . . . progressing through to the "Rain" which drums solemnly . . . and profoundly on our psyche. The "Shores," of course, with ocean sound, the waves richly pounding on the beach and the music slowly coming closer, beautiful . . . the song of the "Siren", so beautiful that you can not help but be mesmerized and follow. "Voice" is so celestial as to destroy any doubt and pain . . .and the excellent piano melody of "Easing" sweetly guides the listener toward the more energized, almost rock genre styled "Waking" and then "Home" where though the journeyer felt happy. . . was lost.

This was an astonishingly good album . . . Gorgeous . . . can be viewed as music to relax with, or to stimulate the imagination, or for meditation, or can be listened to for the storyline of a Journey .

-PurpleOrca  review

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