Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Morning's Walk

Floating in peach sky . . .

the man with his white scottie
walks ahead of me and
greets a man with a mutt . .
the dogs bark at me
a stranger to them . . .

The crows are flying toward
the rising sun
following one another
persistent . .. knowing.

I am thinking,
I have spent all my extra abundance on me . . .
greedy me;
instead of me . ..  I should give
out of all that extra:
t-shirts for the naked children . . .
food for the hungry ....
silence for the stressed . . .
Love for the barren . . . .
A home for the lonely . . .
A rainbow for the sightless. . .

I should spend the excesses
of my abundance to those who need
for .. .. ..

What do I need
a drop of dew.. .. ..
a song.. .. ..
Dreaming's misty wanderings

The feet of the runner
ahead of me sprays questions at me. . .

And we wonder while we wander,
Is this all there is?

We are never satisfied
We want more and in
          our confusion,
We cry and then
we move on . . .
looking for something
to fill that gaping hole
in our soul . . .

The crows are walking;
they have lost their feathers
and they look at me in shock
"Am I like you . . . I cannot fly . . .

Do you ever even try to
spread your wings
and let the wind just take you high?"

and the peach colors
in the amber sky
begins to fade
and slip silently
like everything else
in my life.. .. ..

I spread my wings. . .
and the wind takes me
over the mountain passes,
green valleys,
and the everlasting forest sweeps across broad
horizons. . .

What more do I need?

and yet I always want more
I am never satisfied . . .
foolish, foolish me.

Patterns of Amber
linger in the blue
. . .


1 comment:

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Awesome poetry, very sensitive and smart expression of a single thought we all have experienced in our life.
Pure beauty.