Monday, August 30, 2010

Your Song

Top - Grout Elementary School's  Entryway Ceiling Glass Art

There are
kisses of cool rain on up-lifted cheeks
before the clouds race away
                to meet the day
I reach up to touch the stars
in the still black sky.. .. ..

a bird drifts by on silent wings
you hum a lovely melody;
            a lullaby to me.. .. ..
a trifle of honeysuckle scent floats in
        on the breath of a breeze;
a sigh.. .. ..

a moment of solitude to calm my troubled soul;
a heavy drumbeat gives strength to
        my step as I walk .. .. ..

You lift me up with your song
and set me down where the meadows gleam
          beneath the rising sun.. .. ..
          and the arms of the world
          reach up in welcome to that beloved orb.. .. ..

as heaven touches you
and brightens your face
through that golden light;
you give me strength
with your song. . . .
while I walk
on down my long and troublesome road. . .

and my burden is lightened
by the dream
of a friend
singing to me.


This poem is dedicated to all the musicians on Jamendo who offer their music to us all . . . for nothing .. ..  except to give us solace, rest, joy, peace, energy, dance, song, love, happiness, comfort, beauty, contemplation, and more . . . .
I thank them .. . . even the ones who are quietly listened to
and never receive a word, a review or a thank-you; 


Van Syla said...

what is a musician without someone to listen to his songs ?

LittleFingers said...

I agree with that !