Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Stars - The Stone - The Sand

I know why you loved me.. .. ..
I was the colors
in a space you once longed for,
and you heard me
on my mountain far away,
singing of you,
and you felt loved
and complete . . .
for you are the music of the
stars and I am the sand that
drifts into their bones. . .
and gives them dance as they
wobble in their arcs
around the melodies of time,
leaving light trails through the dark. . .
drifting, drifting

and once a stone, unbalancing
fell to the feet of a mountain;
and was carried away
by a running brook,
tumbling and turning,
chaffing away into sand
becoming a part of
the stream of time . . .
and the sands drift
and they drift
like a river
into the endless sea,
and dispersed as children
of a tribulation,
they sank through the narrows
into the heavy heart of the earth
where again they become mountain stone

I am the sand
and I am the stone mountain;
the song that sifts through your soul
as you write the melodies
that fly through the spaces between
the stars as they dance. . .
and I am the colors of your dreams,
the banners of light that flash
in the wake of each star.

the stars, like stone sand drifting,
drifting through endless space
becoming a part of eternal time . ..

you and I
drifting together
through the colors of time . . .


Grace and elegance - we dance by the sea
the music so stately . . . dynamic
gently leads us to the edge of the whispering sands . . .
lightly it gives us wings as the bells of evening ring
we marvel at the beauty we hear
and the joy it gives us within . . .


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