Sunday, August 15, 2010

Music to give you peace or make you cry . . .

Beauty is in the lines of this music .. .. ..
fluttering up like a butterfly,
a flower on winds that blow through the heart
leaving a gentle perfume . . .
to drift in the atmosphere on the notes of a piano . . .
a peaceful gentle tide,
a glowing sunset across the brow
of a drifting cloud-scape,
a sigh, while the notes flow over and around
and heavy burdens melt away
and disappear into the sands of time
leaving nothing but the footprints
of freedom from care, where we waltz
as we listen to the graceful song of this piano
and we share this wonderful peace.


We are lifted up as the music plays
it moves us through our dreams . . .
and touches our hearts as we hear
beauty expressed on the piano . . .
and as something comes alive
in our souls,
the joy withering demons leave
and we are lightened and something
in us dances to the symmetrical melodies
as they ride on angels' wings
and flow around us like crystal lights . ..
in the colors of the rainbow . . .

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