Saturday, August 28, 2010

What am I to You?


small square sheet of paper
to fold this way
crease tightly
bend and score
to make a shape
something yet to be
what am i

what am i to you. . .
that small scrap of paper
to fold as you please?

a crane
a small crane, perhaps
then dropped

by the side of the road
useless. . .

I never got to fly


LittleFingers said...

To me, you are what you are, a person I love, a human being who every morning gets up to live a new day, doing its best. You are a heart beating in my thoughts. You are and I am these people who chose to walk hand in hand throughout the world, our imagination, faith and hope. You certainly, definitely, are not a piece of paper, even if the one you show us is nicely folded. And before, or after my surgery, I will see you as the same i chose to love.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, PM for your comment . . .I was reminded of a blue origami crane that I stepped over, most days, on my walks home. I don't remember where it is on my route . . . I thought of taking a picture of it but it is so unpretty that I just didn't . . and then I was inspired with this poem over the weekend when my memory banks showed my a quick shot of that little blue thing. I know it sounds sad but some days I feel that twinge of missing out on something in life.