Friday, August 6, 2010

To Dream Again!

A dance of life
Seen through the beauty
               of warm air
and distant love . . .

I seem to have an ache
lodged beneath my bones.
They feel hollow today,
fragile and crumbly
as if about to meet
          the dust
of stars, drifting and mixing
amongst the everyday dirt
of life's mundane moments . .  .
the choices we make
that pave our roads
with leftover dreams,
sad songs and unrealized wishes
are misted over and tempered
             by hope,
and the colors of a rainbow
is a ribbon
trailing behind,
a little frayed
and forgotten.. .. ..
until a stumble causes a meditative moment,
and a chance to dream again.



LittleFingers said...

Really lovely poem, very sensitive.

sylviane said...

So much beauty and accuracy in these words : a lifetime summerized.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you two for your sweet comments. It was one of those sentimental little moments that became clarity to me.