Monday, August 2, 2010

I Can't Believe I didn't share these: Thank You - My Friends!

I sit and listen to this extraordinary music, this beautiful album with tears in my eyes . . . and I am speechless . . .

My heart is touched and I feel as if I were wrapped in strong arms of love . . . I am home in this music . . . I am home in this place, I am home with these people, this community, . . . this Jamendo . . . this place of musical expressions.

When I began writing reviews, on Jamendo, I felt as if I were a member of a generous International community of musicians and listeners; people who gave to each other with open arms, and freedom to enjoy their expressions of emotion and life, peace, joy, sorrow, and hope. Musicians, who give with open hearts, and freely, with a deep desire that their music will move a community of listeners.

And we are moved . . . always moved by the voice of the music .. .. as it speaks when we cannot. I am so very moved by this album . . .

I feel inadequate when all I can say is: Thank You!

But I can add . . . I love you all!

To each of the artists and reviewers, "The Wolfpack," who gave a piece of their heart to this album, I give you each a great big hug and a kiss . . . and a big chunk of my heart.


edit: I want to place a special thank you here to Van Syla and Frank Harper for all that they did to produce this album . . . they did so much . . . as did all the musicians and reviewers who wrote and created poetry and new music. . . What a beautiful community this Jamendo is . . . to bring together so many people with a unique heart and love for music and art . . .

Thank you again and again Van Syla and Frank Harper . . . with my whole heart I thank you and all the rest. . . such perfection!

Thank you so much, Daniela Vivarelli, for the video . . . and a huge thank you to PeerGynt Lobogris and Mag Mokrane for the music, "Barbara"s Song."

Not only do I love it because it was done for me but because those guitars fly through my heart with an emphases pointing towards a joy of life and an intent to lift the spirits of the listener. These two musicians fly well together and deserve a thousand gold stars for this excellent collaboration. I am often so astonished at the giftedness and kindness of Jamendo's musicians and these two rank amongst the highest.

Beautiful . . . . and thank you again . . . and again I am moved to tears!
I love you all . . .


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LittleFingers said...

Let there be understanding and respect; let there be Love and God will live in our hearts ! And then, He will applause when seeing us doing good.