Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today . . .

                           as I was walking home I captured this moment:

and I thought . . . yes . . . me too . . . and I thought of all the pictures I have taken, for free, leaving all the jars, in peace . . . and I want to share my flowers with you:

    Spring Time     memories

Dainty daisies in the grass

This one, in memory of Shane, who drowned near my house this past Spring. The children have put up quite a nice memorial for him here at their favorite swimming hole. May you have peace in your resting place, Shane . ..

 This one in memory of all the bees and other insects which work so hard in our environment . . .  watch them . . . you will be amazed at the diversity and necessity of these small creatures.





This one in memory and awe of Nature's return . . . it never fails us . ..  if we let it be . . .

This one is for awe .  .  .

We are always so delighted
 and amazed

            And we are always so
to have the flowers . . .

And thus we know that we have Love!     PEACE - JOY - LOVE . . . . may it never end for you!

photo editing by: S.R.

I felt, as summer came to a close; and I saw the leaves begin to fall and the smoke from the fireplaces rise; a reluctance to let the carefree days of summer leave me with no place to go . .. so I wandered through the sunset and into the full moon . .. thinking of all the summers' past . .. and I thought of the promise of Autumn, like the promise of the sunset, that the circle of life is complete and continues . . . and someday, Summer will return . .. that is the promise in these waning days, that life goes on, through the gray days and the bright days.



Van Syla said...

Beautiful pictures !
Are those flowers real ?
or is the photographer
a magician ?

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Beautiful pictures indeed, tribute to mother nature, and for free, that is why we should care and take care of this beauty.
I like very much the new look of your blog.

Love and Peace M^^W

Wolfsong said...

Syl, thank you for your comment . ..all the flowers are real except the ones on Shane's memorial . . . but it was so amazing . . . all the decorations the children put around on that ledge above the river . . . I captured just a tiny portion.

Thank you PM . . . I was going to ask you what you thought of the change . . . I think the pictures pop out a little better with the gray. I agree with you that nature is generous in its beauty . .. and harsh also . . . witness Shane, just a kid who wanted to play in the water. We need to respect nature in all its glory and strength . .