Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Rules of the Game

I dug too deep
looking for that buried cache
of promises to myself.... ..
yielding more than I could handle,
memories of pain. . .
joy.. .. ..
all knowledge and barriers
to my meandering journey
is a web that confines and restrains. . .
anguish.. .. ..
Those straits that give peace
as I am confirmed
within my bounds,
I have begun to have an understanding
regarding the rules of the game
and where they lurk
deep inside my heart.. .. ..
and while the gate to the pathway
of my life
shuts quietly behind me,

I will return no more
to where I lost my way . . .

My favorite time of life
is when I am safely dreaming
whether sleeping or awake
and music like this puts me there:

I follow the notes of the piano
like stair steps to the unknown
created in heavenly grace
and filled with ease.. .. ..
endowed with love and expectations
I rise higher and higher
until I realize
I have wings.

and I am loosed to fly
in freedom and contentment
and I dream . . .

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