Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Day's Song!

 (A left handed poem)
That moment when the blue meets
the shifting shapes of dawn,
a few angels left to drift
excuse themselves as pink clouds
above the seasoned mountains where
the sleepy birds awaken
and cast their thin shadows in flight
while a song, a familiar melody,
a heartbeat arises from the earth.. .. ..
a coolness from that predawn moment
before the sun ascends
and brings all the warmth
of dragons' breath
to scorch the unmown earth.. .. ..
the dew collected on bended blade
sparkles like crystal
with colors so intense
that it offers a momentary glimpse
into heaven that only the deft and the few
with the courage to try
may enter those reaches
through those portals as seen
by the gazing eye.. .. ..
and the music of the day comes in to play
when the insects drink their fill of that dew
and fly into the lifting atmosphere
and follow the earth's beating heart
and the birds swoop down to join them.


 "I am dreaming" (A Right Hand Song)

melodies living in my memories
giving visions as the sun begins to set
I see the gleaming rose
slowly growing by my windowsill
where once you planted it
and there I love it still
watered by my salty tears

I am dreaming
in the sunlight  dreaming
cloud tops lift me
sunshine gifts me
I am dreaming

pictures in the windows of my mind
I open doorways to yesterday
and I see you standing there
waving goodbye
I see through misted eyes
and as I slowly lift my hands
to brush away my salty tears

you are gone
you are gone
you are gone


Van Syla said...

"I am dreaming"
I love this romantic, out of age, nostalgic poem. Blues music could be nice to accompagny this "song".

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, it is a slow, sad song so maybe you are right . . . about the blues music.

Frank said...

Wonderful! Feels as if this will be my next "Wolfsong"!

Thanks, Barb!

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, fmr, for your kind comment. I love your Wolfsongs!