Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time Traveling

Left AND right hand poem . . . (Working so well Together)

I escaped from advice a long time ago
when people had it in buckets to give,
like water for the thirsty,
or a panacea to those who suffer,
and it seemed
as if camping in my life,
they were able to pitch their tents
and stay, by giving me the gift
of their knowledge and experience.

but here is where I am
on the opposite side of time,
and here I seem to find myself
more often then not
and where
I find regrets for those things
I neglected to do
I wish that I had remembered
to breath more deeply. . .
on that other side,
when I was there . . .
smile more and slow down,
speak more kindly and
love more.

I regret that I didn't take
more pictures of you before
we said goodbye . . .
I regret that I didn't hold you closer
or say the words that you needed to hear . . .
so much to regret
that it is hard to find . . .  the . . .

of what I did find there on the other side of that abyss
or what I did do
to put a smile on your face . . .
why don't I remember those things?
They seem to be lost behind the shadow of my regrets,

on the opposite side of time
are all the shining possibilities,
visible on the distant cliffs
as golden cities, with open doorways
clearly and with
glorious visions of. . .  hopes and dreams . .  .
so often unrealized . . .

and there follows that growing collection
of regrets. . .
and yes
there is no going back over the pathways of time and returning
to do the things so longed for
or re-sing the song . . .  or take back the words .. ..
or capture that moment in time . . . lost forever.

those regrets of time
from the opposite side . . . as a time traveler
I find I am
lost and confused sometimes
must sit down
in the campgrounds of the advice givers
and seek solace from. . .
the words,
"I told you so . . . but I still love you"


1 comment:

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

I never say "I told you so !" It reminds me of a series I use to watch in 1963 in NY "Nurse Hazel". All the episodes ended by "I told you so".
What's the use, once you get awareness of what you did, or did not ?
And I did have my needed bunch of hugs and smiles and laughs coming from you, and looking forward for more...
Love you M^^W