Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wings to Fly

  Today, I want wings to fly.. .. ..
a gentle touch to my heart.. .. ..
a sweet whisper to give a smile .. .. ..
and an eternal rainbow bridge to heaven.. .. ..
a place to take my spirit for golden moments
where I can collect JOY,
like flowers from a celestial garden,
profuse with the most beautiful melodies. . .
and a place to find PEACE
to light up the shadows of my memories.. .. ..
where I can go again and again
and fill all of my moments with the precious
LOVE from these songs
and from
the generous and creative spirit of the musician . . .


yes . . . like that!


I hear songs coming from a tiny fragile planet,
shining bright against the open shadowed mouth
of a distant universe. . .
I hear a distant melody. . .

a harvest rich and ripe,
a harbinger of hope . . .
the sky an ever-changing
array of color, windows into heaven.

a song from the rustle of a feather,
and the yawn of a wolf cub,
warm love gliding, like aromatic oil,
down the rays of the sun

the passionate beating
heart of the earth . . .
reflected in the rhythmic waves
of the ocean

the wind presses melodies
from the dancing trees . . .
and the heart is uplifted
singing to the waiting soul

yes, those are the songs
I hear .. .
Those are the songs
of the planet.



Laura Tattoo said...

so rich (with aromatic oils) and full of positive sun energy from which all can draw. hmmm, i wrote a little ditty about being in the moment ("present indicative" in french, a recipe about how to meditate), but this is so very inspiring. i think i'll take a stab at some of this positive thinking. thank you, my dear. xoxoox

Wolfsong said...

you're welcome and thank you for your comment. The positive thinking helps your spirits and your heart and sometimes a little of the physical . .it might help a little with the chronic pain . . . I don't know . . . but its worth a try . . . there are so many benefits to that kind of thinking.

Van Syla said...

Thank you again for sharing your great and inspiring poetry to illustrate our music on Jamendo.