Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little Fish and Little Bird: A Cautionary Tale

she looked into the waters of the island where she lived
the waters of the wind tossed sea
the great  waters surrounding her prison
as she knew she would never leave.. .. ..
her life was sadly reshaped
by circumstances following
a tragedy regarding a meeting with a predator
which caused her
heart to be broken and scarred . . .
and she could only fly for short and temporary moments
and so she could never leave for home
to where the fruit was always ripe
upon the great and emerald  trees
and the sunlight always warmed the feathers
of her kin and other souls.

now she stood alone on shores deserted
and sadly awaited her fate
thinking of the end of life
for there was nothing on this gray bouldered mound
and she only heard the bitter sounds
of rocks being churned in an angry surf.

she didn't see a sign of life
or one green leaf or blade
the sun had deserted her behind a gray wall
and she stood alone, hunched against the bitter cold
and harsh sandy wind
which never stopped but seemed to grow with time . . .

She nearly missed the silvery eye that watched
as she sighed a tiny breath so lost in that vicious wind
but just beneath a pool of water cast between two
large imposing boulders
swam a lively and lovely fish
just as lost as she . . .
somehow tossed by a large and solitary wave
to land in this puddle away from the sea . . .

These two, little bird and little fish began to talk,
of many things . . .
of life and love
and joy and pain . . .
and being trapped  . . .
for many days
they shared their lives and fantasies. . .
their music and poetry,
and like artists everywhere, they shared their dreams . . .
and loved each others' art,
and longed to become part of the others' dreams.

Little fish began to love this bird . . .and tell her in many ways.
And bird?
she finally began to love also . . . and her loneliness began
to disappear . . . and her heart became full of hope,
of possibilities and dreams. . .

Together the two of them talked about bird coming into
the clear waters which enclosed fish . . .
and how that was possible
with bubbles of air and how
the two could become entwined
and close . . . for a time . . .
but only for a very short time . . .

and little bird did not hear that message
about a "short time" nor did she want to,
so the two of them made the bubble of
life giving air for little bird . . .
and she flew down into the distant reaches
of this puddle made by the huge and violent sea.

Down she went, her bubble intact, and she flew
down to the bottom where peace reigned
and beauty existed
so much to see,
of coral and starfish and beauty
never before seen by her eyes.
And her lover .. .. was there
to greet her.

little fish showed little bird this new world,
and together they made love
and enjoyed each other
and all was bliss until
little fish reminded little bird
that it was time to go.

but little bird would not believe
that this joy was only temporary
and not designed to last forever . . .
she could not accept that,
not in her heart . . .
and she refused to leave.

So she stayed, hanging on to the last
vestiges of air in her fragile bubble,
and little fish became more agitated
telling her .  .  . "you must leave.
you cannot remain here.
this is not the place for you."
but little bird did not listen.
she couldn't hear for her heart
was too full of love . . .

and down at the bottom of this beautiful
where the water was so crystal clear
as to almost appear not to exist,
and where the beautiful colors of the
coral and starfish and all of the lovely
flowers of the sea converged to make
something that appeared for a moment
to look like heaven . . .
and where love had once existed,
little bird's bubble shattered . . . .

Little fish was able to save little bird
and the two of them invent
many ways to come together
in their distant yet so-close worlds
 . . . . the struggle continues .. . .


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