Sunday, August 1, 2010



She stretches for the stars,
and the closest one to her
warms her shiny face.. .. ..
and smiles at her
when he see her elation.. .. ..
her arms stretch and reach
for this exultant golden orb .. .. ..
and she claims her share
of Terra
while always dancing . . .
her roots, strong and faithful,
hold her .. .. ..
and she sings a ceaseless song
heard only in the quiet times
  by those
who share her glorious daydreams,
and her short time
in her mortal home,
while watching over her closely,
and then
when Sol descends below the bend
she sinks beneath the weight
of her heavy head
as the cold night descends upon
Terra .. .. ..
but the breadth and width of her essence
hold the secrets of the stars
full of the generous manna

scattered in the grace of time. . .
and the warm air flutters around her

with the life
she gives in death,
and glory is
piled around her in the dust,
while she takes wing
as the wind lifts her
silent and moldy brow

and her roots
release her in the end.

This is definitely an album to relax to and enjoy for its loving, peaceful interpretations of Vivaldi. The tracks flow nicely throughout the album to keep the mood and atmosphere in place. Frank has the touch, talent and love to transfer to these pieces, creating a spectacular, artistic achievement.

"Vivaldi Spheres" was quite relaxing, moving and uplifting at the same time, often giving the feeling of floating, quietly under a clear blue sky, over the clouds. We find ourselves enjoying a peacefulness as if we were transparent bubbles allowing the drifts of soft air to guide us.

Or it felt as though we were traveling through space in the velvety darkness of time . . . between brilliant visions of galaxies and places beyond the human imaginings. We felt that we could leave our heavy burdens behind, moving beyond the corporal, feeling light and ethereal enough to lift off without effort. We felt as if we were given the grace to transcend beyond the bounds of time and space, and visit the places we long for, and the people we love
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