Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Souls of Trees

Twisted tree in Kenilworth Park (above)

Trees have no souls,
people say.. .. ..
and yet I see
twist and dance,
sing and rejoice.. .. ..
I see them weep,
give birth,
give shelter,
hope, and die

they live
they become


I was talking with my son about trees, and my fascination with their existence, their story , their lives . .. . and how one day when I was walking through one of the local forests, I could see them coming to life out of the corners of my eyes and I heard them breathing and talking . . .. moving, a tree is always moving. I wondered how they got so bent and twisted and how they got their unique forms. My son remarked that there was a particularly interesting twisted tree near the school where I teach, and I knew exactly who he was talking about. This morning as I walked in to work I finally took a picture of that tree . . . the twisted tree at the top of this posting . . . I am always  admiring her posture as I walk by.

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