Monday, June 13, 2011

A Dream of You and I . ..

. . . and we would take long walks on the beach together
walking in the sand . . . 
holding hands
maybe kissing . . . oh yes . . . kissing . . .
the foam flying at our feet 
like mis-formed birds,
white as snow . . . building up
across the shiny sands . ..  ..
flat sands where the salty waters were left behind,
reflecting the sky
 . . . a barrier to the racing waves,
running and clopping like a herd
of horses down a long cobbled road,
flying at you,
towering over you until they tumble down .  . ..
shushing and swishing like hissing
snakes over the shiny sands
until they touch your toes . .. 
gently kissing those sweet appendages
and then retreating beneath the incoming racers
  . . .  those wild waves
 . . . calmed and happy
 . . . . content to have reached you . . .
and the waters around the world
will whisper of the wonder of you . . .

Jami Sieber . . .
One of my favorite artists on the Internet . . . is NOT on Jamendo, but you can find her on her own site (Jami and on  .
Her music is graceful and creative and such a pleasure to listen to, that I find it difficult to stop once I have started .. ..  I was listening to her this morning and relishing in the high quality of the music and the power behind these perfect compositions using the cello, flutes, drums and other instruments including her voice . . .  Here is one album . . . not necessarily one of my favorites because I love all her songs equally . . . I hope you find her music as enjoyable as I do . . . but if you don't  . . . its ok . . . because we all have different tastes . . .


    Lush Mechanique by Jami Sieber

(ending comment regarding bullying on Jamendo was removed June 16, 2011 )


CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

It gets to a point that is unbearable. It seems they lost all good sense and let loose their instincts... bad ones. We are not even talking about education anymore.
Now, you understand why there are people who are or will never be my "virtual friends".
Direct insults or infering from people who think they are very smart, or playing cursed artist... I am fed up.

Wolfsong said...

I understand PM . . thank you for your comment.
Hugs -

Anonymous said...

Barbara is the most talanted person on jamendo ..... her reviev are owesome :)

Wolfsong said...

You are so sweet, Marcin . . . I don't know what to say . . . thank you!

Anonymous said...

My dear, dear Barbara.

It's some time now, since the last time I addressed to you... I've been lacking time to myself... and a little patience, I must confess. Still, occasionally, I come here.... to read you... to "see" you. To peek a little through your mirror... better said, your open window.

It's strange, but for more than once I tried to post a comment and it seems that it's not possible... I don't understand.

It's quite fascinating… all your writing. I mean, you are fascinating. After all, your writings are necessarily a reflection of you are. Sometimes, it's more colored than a naïf painting and others as crude as a black and white photography... but always very interesting and captivating.
And the pictures... quite good. Some are really interesting, even if considering the artistic perspective as they are very illustrative.

It's always a pleasure coming by... and Barbara, I'm sorry that once I called you selfish... I was wrong.

loving and respecting you always... remember.


Wolfsong said...

Thank you, Carlos, for your comment on my blog. I HAVE missed you but I understand you are busy as we all are. We must contend with our life before our hobbies and pleasures. . something like that.

I am sorry about the postings not working. I have had many complaints and I am not sure what is going wrong. I have checked with Google about that on occasion and I have left a question and never received a reply . . . I hate to think that I am missing comments. But, at any rate, I apologize!

And in regards to your apology for calling me selfish . . . you were right . . I am very selfish in many ways . .. its human nature to be selfish as its part of our survival . .. . although civilized humans are suppose to rise above that . . its hard. I have too many flaws to count and I am always trying to improve myself but with little success. So I apologize to you as I accept your apology and forgive you . ..

I love you too, Carlos . .. you are dear to my heart and I am always happy reading you wherever you choose to grace the electronic media with your beautiful writings . . .