Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Moment in the Rain . . . I Have Dreams . . .

I wander . .  beneath my big umbrella
as I walk. . .  I watch the raindrops
paint the ground with watercolor haste. . .
and dance on the ponds as I pass . .
like dedicated fairies . .

graceful and ephemeral . . 

I wonder at this shining beauty . . .
and pause to gather through my senses
the riches of this fugitive moment,
as it flows on the ends of the drops

as they seem to
magnify the promises
of life . .  and for a space of time, as I walk,
I feel as if I had stepped into heaven . . .
is it reality . . .

I wonder, looking at the pink petals
scattered like memories on the watery ground . ..
and I realize that life is short. . .
and I must gather all the glory that I can,
for I know nothing about the world that may come . .
in some ways I envy those who are so sure of tomorrow and
eternity .  ..
I expect to be surprised for I know nothing of such . . .
but I see the hand of a creator in all the beauty that
grows from the mud . . . 

an endless kaleidoscope. . .
it seems that a superior imagination created this . . .
I listen to a bird of many voices embellish the air
with the music of his love . . .
and wonder about those who cannot wander in this glory
but must race about gathering the things they fear they will lose . . .
their eyes on the objects that end up as clutter . . .
and grasping their hands around their dreams
they lose the prize .  .

but as for me I long to smell the honeysuckle
in the early morning. . .
and hear the song of the sparrow
as she sings to the rising sun . . .


tender are the shoots that grow
so early in the Spring
the gentle yellows
and delicate violets
the evangelical greens
a mist that grows on
old mossy woods
a youth that speaks
of expectations and dreams
I am gullible
with effervescent joy
believing in eternal youth
I look into those baby blue skies
foreseeing an Eden
pregnant with eternity
here at the end of my road
I have never grasped
the transitory . . . or
the ephemeral circle
of glory
but I sense
the breezes of today that pass
into the thunderstorm
of tomorrow
One of my favorite artists on Jamendo is Livio Amato . . . 
his music never fails to move me or guide me gently
into the dreams of my heart . . . dreams I never knew I had
.. .. .. so here I present his widget of albums . . . enjoy
and savor the essence of Heavenly music . . .

My review for Perceptions:

First of all . . . Welcome back Livio . . . I missed you here.

Regarding the album . .. WOW!
The sound quality is extraordinarily impressive.
The listener must use headphones and then be ready for vivid surround sound
The album cover is tastefully beautiful . . .

The music is divine . . . this music is the kind
that takes me into those places
of my mind . . my heart . . my soul . . .
where I wander among my dear memories
as if through a garden of flowers . . .
where the kisses of my loved ones,
gone so long ago, . .
gently brush my cheeks
like the glancing touch of a butterfly
as she seeks her rest at twilight . .
I remember, I remember the dreams
of love and tenderness . . of passion
and glory . . . I remember life . . as
it passed by, bearing away my yesterdays . . .
so I capture my memories in crystal vases
carrying into my inner abode that vivid garden . . .
and there they sit like flames of fire . .
the flowers of my life . . .
until they slowly wilt . . .

Review for "The gate of evermore"

Livio Amato has always been so popular on Jamendo . . . and why?
Because his music explores the depths of the human heart and soul .. .
it tenderly expresses deep love, sorrow and joy . . .
the emotions that predominate when we live . . . as we live . . .
I don't know about the dead . . .
perhaps even they are moved when his music wings through the
air waves and reaches whatever spiritual or angelic ears are listening . . .

But I know how I feel when I listen to his music and I am always moved . . ..
always . . . no matter how many times I listen .. .
through his music I feel so very much alive
and I feel so connected to the rest of humanity in this world . . .

I feel . ..
hope and love and passion . . .
I hear compassion, peace . . . and joy . . .
these are the things that make my heart throb . .
an emotion so deep that it has no words . . .
and I sense a hunger to be encompassed by these melodies .. .
to be lifted . . to fly with the angel song that
resonates in them . . .


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