Thursday, May 26, 2011

Touched by a Rainbow

Walking this morning . ..  I felt a strange color from the sky . . . looking down at me, and touching my shoulders . .  so I lifted my eyes from the uneven side-walk and saw a bit of a rainbow . ..  like a smudge of colors but insistent and lovely . . . hanging on the treetops until the rain began to fall . . .  I was moved and began to write a poem . . .  which I will complete today but in the meantime I heard this little thought in my head . ..  I'm sure I got it from somewhere else .  .  . for where do we really get our ideas from . . . but each other and life:

If in your life
a little rain must fall
look for the rainbow
at the end of it all

and if in your day
a little gray must creep
look for that little ray of sun
as through the clouds it will seep . . .

OK . . . I found it:
Longfellow -
- Be still sad heart and cease repining;
Behind the clouds the sun is shining,
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life a little rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.

I did a google search . . 


Down by the river
                                            where the waters bend
by the pools of silver                             
                   and the rapid's end
Here the creatures gather                                                    
                                as their wisdom says . .
a river is a world                
and peace will always pay . .
                                      huddled in the shadows
silently each appears                                       
          blending in with nature
                                                       then never will they fear

there is calm in this valley                                                                 
                    where the swallow swiftly flies
                                                                            in the breezes of the moment
lifts the golden butterfly 
as she rests in the flower . . ..                                            dappled bright
                                              with flickering shadows . . .
                                                                           by the edges of the stream . .  
wades a twinkling little dipper                                                   
quietly moving through the shallows
                                                                               raises for a moment
a bony little foot
                                                                 as the small blue kingfisher . . .
gathers from the rippling waters . . .                
a silvery sparkling fish    
      the colors of the heavens
                                       appear once overhead . .. .
in the form of a rainbow . . .
not an eye looks upward
but always forever onward 
ever always on ahead.. .. . . .. ... ..   
This poem is about a river that my sister and I used to go to . . its called the Sandy River and we knew of an isolated portion where we could throw off our tops and swim in the cool pool formed at the bottom of a small falls . .. We would giggle uncontrollably if anyone found their way there which was rarely as it was difficult to reach this peaceful little beach without climbing down cliffs and over house size boulders . . . but once there . . . it was a nature wonderland . . . warm and quiet except for the sounds of the river and the animals . .. 
I wish I was there . . .



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