Tuesday, May 10, 2011

As I Wander . . .

In my wanderings I see . . .

There are things that 
                                        tremble in my being . . .
like the half scorched moth                  
                              on my table top,
dying for want of                               
the moon . . .
                                               after tasting my candle flame

there are things that
follow me as I                             
wander . . .
                                         like the small smiling boy
in the shape of a cross                                       
lying across an unnamed tarmac road

There are things that grow
                                   my heart. . .
like the shadowy man                                
sitting alone 
                                      in a pot hole. . .
eating unknown items
                               from a trash can

There are things that
                                               fulfill my destiny;
hidden surprises through                
my day like
                               Easter eggs by
the side of my road              

When I am earth bound
                                            I see the uneven pathways
and byways as I travel. . .                                           
Looking down the sideroads
                                                      I am aware that life is unfinished . . . .
and I see

open doors and broken
glass . .  kites tangled
                                          on unknown wires,
wearied gardeners,                             
                   jogging families,
mossy porches,                                
discarded pairs of shoes
silent on street corners. .  .                     
                                                      and tiny hands offering treats
to the neighborly cats

There are things that 
                                        know my soul 
like the crow softly chattering
                                  to her family, high
in the pine,                     
a rustle of feathers...
                      a shadow,
before the end of day. . . .

but always a final burst of light
                                        fans out above the hills
before the sun retires       
There are things that
                                                      tremble in my being . . .
like the white feather left beside                       
                                         my front door .. ..
a sacrifice . . . 
a birth . ..
a promise for tomorrow ............                               

Always something to captivate my attention
Spectacular :
"Spaceman's Dream" by djfoxtrot

inner space .  .  . just a dream away
. . . if lost and confused
  . . . the traveler can find his way . . .  
through the galaxies . . . built from sands
of dead planets and stars . . .
from the past comes the knowledge,
the dreams . . .and the glories
and we build on the foundation,
on the imagination of others
. . . a tower that reaches the stars . . . 
who smoothed the way for our feet?
so they don't stumble . . .
who paved the way?
to the stars . .  and beyond . . .
who gave us the wings to fly?
who made that music that
makes us cry?

Lift my wings like the breath of a wind .. ..
your music flies me higher . ..
through a dream
through a black fire . . .
each piano note . ..  like a star driven
through the galaxies of desire . . .

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