Sunday, May 1, 2011

I live on the Moon . . .

Irises by a friend

you sing by the light of the moon
and look for me in the shadows. . .
where are you my sunshine
on the other side of the world . . .
i live on the moon
where the pale tulips grow
filling their cups with the cold
rain and the falling snow ..
your smile lights a world
and makes the flowers dance
your dreams create a world
full of joy for the inhabitants . . .
i live in the dust of your loss
i live in the cold and the gray
i live where the happiest music
will never come out to play .  .  .
maybe in the darkest night
while I sit alone by my fire
solemnly watching that blue orb,
quietly glowing with glorious flare,
my heart will stop beating forever
and eternal rest my abode . . .
i die in the light of your glory
nothing but a cold hard gray stone . . .

do not mourn for me my darling,
shine your light as the brightest star. . .
heavenly sunlight in the morning,
a small bird lifts her wing to you . ..

Brilliant be the shine of the sun

foot tapping
grows on you
lifts your spirits
like your favorite cake
on your birthday
with candles
and everyone singing
and the sun is shining
and so many balloons
and though I never understand the words
I hear the love
and the joy
and my feet are tapping
and my face is smiling
and a moment of happiness
steals into my heart
while the gray skies and the rain

(this is one of my contra-reviews to counter a very negative one that I saw on Jamendo ..  ..)

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