Monday, May 23, 2011


I have been putting together a piano play list for the purpose of calming the students in my computer lab. Lately my students are taking a heavy series of tests. These children are so tense, and sometimes miserable, trying to figure answers to things they they struggle with at the best of times. These piano pieces I have chosen are all calming and yet uplifting. They have good spirit to their soulful expressions and I wanted to share that here. . .  but first; today I was listening to my iPod and the first album that came up on my "Play all albums" list was this one. It was immediately added to my playlist . . .. . .  I am always so impressed by the quality of work given to us to use and listen to on Jamendo.

Accarezza il vento
by Simone Cilio

treasure every second
as time goes by
each speeding second .. ..
something will die. . .
fall into the soil and become
one with the earth . . .
disappear from the grasp
if held too close . . .
a wayward balloon . ..
lost from the touch
lost from the view . ..

sweetly the melodies
flow by on strings of
a momentary connection
higher and higher

each note that gallops by
swallows time and disappears
like mist in the midday sun . . .

the music holds my beating heart. . .
I hear the hammering of its song
against my resounding bones . . .

I listen breathlessly to the music .. ..
while it becomes part of my essence
as it flows through my blood . ..
nourishing me . . .
the air around is imbued
with the incense of the song
like a dream . . . it flutters by
insubstantial …. a butterfly
against the flame of emotion . . .

to capture such beauty . .
is lost to the soul . . .
like a bubble holding the
dreams of a child. . . simple
shimmering messengers . ..
flying up to the heavens
to the angel's waiting hands . .

music played like this is compassionate
and humble
excusing itself from the room
as it dissipates from the air waves
leaving tender memories
of such beautiful melodies
emotional and full
of loving desire . ..


"Piano" Playlist:


Sunset at Yachats Oregon

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