Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cat Watching

I tried out a new paint program (new for me) called Seashore. I like it. Of course my work is awful but I think I will practice more using Seashore and hopefully improve on my tablet work. There is just something so awkward about it that I can't seem to overcome. Anyway here is the outcome of today's work and an old poem that I wrote way back in the 80's.

The air smells like wood smoke
And crisp frost
And you walk
Along the way
Singing hopeful songs
And you
Trod on each
Fallen leaf
In your pathway.

And my black cat
Laughs at you
When he sees you
Scuffing along
As if you lost
Your way
In the evening
Of your life.

Do you look
To the night
Or is there
Somewhere else
You want to go?
Does your heart
With joy
At the greyness
Coming soon?

You walk
Into the wall of fog
Still singing
Still hoping
And the
Autumn leaves
Trail along
Behind you
In the breeze.


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