Friday, November 27, 2009

Some very nice Blues/Jazz and some of my poetry, too

I like this album and you can download it for free at Jamendo:


October 18, 1980

On your day off
We slunk out into the fog
To spend our money
And feel guilty.
We ate breakfast
In a clattery place
But we were alone in
   our talk.      
I sang you the blues
As we searched
For our music
Under the eye
Of the watery sun.
All the people smiled
To see us laugh
For we soared high
At the promise of the day,
For the sky became blue
On your day off.

(I'm not sure what that poem was all about, but I often commemorated a moment in life with a poem. Still do sometimes.)

Stars in my sky
Only God can take them away
Full moon
My cold feet
In a silver bath.
I stand in my patch of yard
And watch
A giant moth
To reach
That rising globe.
Something rustles
In a tree
And I wonder
If it is a fallen star
Or my shadow
Escaping from me
In shades of dark.
The pitch black sky
Beckons me
To fall
Into its cold immensity
And I run quickly
Into the colors
Of my home.

(October 23, 1980)

October 1980

I watched for you
But today
I look no more
You have traveled
Down the pathways
Outside my door.
I cannot find you anywhere
Though I may sing your name
You come to me no longer
But. . .

I miss you just the same.
Where did you wander
Where did you go?
There is a shadow
On your pathway
I can't find you


1980 sometime

Together we walked
A lonely pathway
Never speaking
Never seeking
What to share
On the road of life.
We hung our heads
As we passed
Many looming
Shadowy hills.
The rain would fall
And we would
Under separate trees.



I wonder who they are
All the people going by?

I sit on my porch
And hope for them
In a prayer.
Long ago I dreamed
That they were the same as I
With their hopes, fears,
Wishes and loves.
All the people going by
Hunger just as I
In the night
To be held.

So I know all those people
Going by,
Every one,
And I know what to pray
For them.


October 19, 1980

You place multitudes
              In my head.
You smooth the mountains
                 From my bed.
You hold me up
                   To set me down 
You touch my face
                      To ease my frown.

You are my songs
You are my smiles
You are my valleys
You are my miles.

How I love you.



I walk free
In the sparkles of the wind.
Leaves brush my feet
And talk to me
Of summer gone by.
My heart cries out
To the sky
And away
I fly higher
Than the blue
To the stars that sing
Of things
I never knew
Of colors I never saw
Of love
I never felt.

and I weep.


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