Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sister

 My sister, Jamie, was my best friend for many years. She was so full of joy and energy. Jamie, was a photographer and a camera person. She was just starting out on a new career of making videos. She loved going out into the wilderness, hiking for miles to find that perfect shot. She adored dogs, women, her motorcycle, her nephew: Noel, the wilderness and all creatures great and small. She had a big heart. And then one evening as she was riding home on her motorcycle after work, she was struck down and killed by a drunk driver.

In the early 1980's I wrote this Poem:
To My Sister

I love your laugh
It rings golden bells
In the heavens.
Your joy
Is an inspiration
To the heart
Of creation
And your smile
Is an answer
To all questions
In the dark.
You are an eagle
In my purple skies.
You are the tall dark pine
On down the land
giving cover
to my cries.
You are the small blue flower
Shining out
Amongst golden fields,
I see you
From my heart -
I love you.

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Sean said...

Beautiful poem, and sadness about your loss. My dad died last year, and my mum 17 years ago. I know how much I miss them. Somedays the empty aching pain is just too much to bare.


PS - thanks for the wonderful review of LIPS.EYES.NOSE.TONGUE