Monday, November 9, 2009


The Great Re-Union - November 9, 1989

I cannot express how astonished I was when I saw the Wall come down in Berlin. I lived on the other side of the world but I felt as if I was one with those people who were climbing on it, spending the night on top, or knocking it down piece by piece. It still brings the tears to my eyes to this day. I remember standing in front of the television, watching this remarkable event for days, almost unbelieving but rejoicing as this powerful even took place.

As a child, when I came to know about the wall, I felt choked, alarmed that there are a people who were not free - free to come and go - free to see their loved ones whenever they wanted - free to move.  I remember hearing about people who tried to run across that no-man's land, being shot in the back, and falling - falling. I saw that, on our old black and white television, and my heart hurt so bad - I can't describe the feeling except to say that it broke. I cannot imagine what it must have felt like to live in that situation. To be broken-hearted when you realized you couldn't visit your mother just down the street. I couldn't imagine that and I wouldn't ever want to know.

When that wall came down, it was because of the beating hearts of millions of people who longed for freedom. That beating heart became one with a purpose and reverberating together created an earthquake of human proportions and reversed the evil that created that wall.

Thousands of beating
  Vibrating a force
                                      that glowed
                      and lit up the night
And on that cold dark
The stars looked
and saw a crumbled
                        wall - - -
Can there be peace
                  on earth
if we imprison
                   our  cold hard hearts?                                                                                 


Annie said...

i like it Auntie, thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

I like it Auntie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, and letting us be apart of those.

Annie said...

I like it Auntie, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feeling, and then letting us be apart of that.