Monday, November 23, 2009

Golden summer is over
But promising new day
A rainbow across the sky
Points an end to the gray

In the beating tide
Of the birds on wing
Is a whispered promise
Of the coming Spring

Beyond the rising storm
Shines a sun of warming gold
Always there
Ever near

Through the wind
I hear the sigh of God
His soul apparent
In the Morning Star
I see His face
On the wings of the Eagle
The taste of the grape
Is His hope and grace....
In the still of my heart
At the twilight of summer
Love plants a seed
And grows for the winter.


 Wind bent boughs to sodden earth;
Winged singers flee to cloud top;
Golden beams reach aslant
Seeking home on earth. . .
Crystal light ascends, descends
Abounds, releasing flashes of 
Heavens colors.
Perambulating objects obey the dictates
of the wind;
Movement but not life
Excused to whimsy.
Sounds of rustling, murmering,
Lifting and falling
Creaks, groans, laughter, sighing
Who speaks announcing Storm?



Some beautiful music to listen to and enjoy.

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