Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I adore this artist's passionate and expressive music. He reaches down into his soul and finds that special magic which he uses to create his songs. He also knows how to touch people and never leaves them cold or unaffected by his artistry. The jazzy improvisational music on this album is really special to me because of its dedication to our sick, and with hopes and prayers, that they will be healed. I think it is highly probable! With this "Breath is life" it feels, as you listen, that you are receiving a healing breath straight from the musicians. And we all need that. This fifteen minute track is exquisitely beautiful!

This is what CrEiX said about this piece:
"This is an impro played during a winter afternoon with my best friend, who is like my brother, no in fact he IS my brother, "BERTRAND DROUET".
After having suggested some chords on the keyboard he adapted them for his guitar and we both decided of americano oriental tint of rythms and harmony.
We really laughed when my dog took the saxophone to play, he was very funny, all red, looking like a Louis Amstrong but canine and inflated as a toad.
I dedicate this album to recovery of all beloved sick people for whom we feel so much hope...


More of CrEiX to come later, but for now, enjoy!

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