Monday, December 28, 2009

A short adventure today to make me laugh

A delightful tune to sooth your soul, to begin.

  Short poem written as I walked home:

You at the corner
all sexy in your black ski cap
and your sleek gear. . .
we cross paths;
I in my winter bundles
and my shoe lace flopping
like a child
in the wind and the cold.
We look,
our eyes meet
and I think. . .
is my nose running?
I can't feel it if it was, for I am numb. . .
should I tell you that I'm a mother
and not five?
I laugh to myself and walk on. . .
you in the other direction.

Around the corner
into the wind and the crystal sun
I walk, blinded and nearly beaten. . .
head down to fight the elements,

ipod banging against my chest,
I glance at a sign on a broad front porch
"No Solicitors Welcome". . .
when here you come again
this time on your bike. . .
and you run me down
while I trip on my shoe lace and think. . .
"there was no solicitation involved."

I  walk home,
the remaining three miles
my shoe lace flapping in the breeze.

Since this actually happened today, and struck me as somewhat funny, I thought I'd write a poem in my head about it as I walked home. So I share it here, but may work on it later.
P.S. I spent hours looking for a free picture to use and I cropped it using Gimp. I love that utility, but its hard to figure out what tools to use.  I had better figure quick because I plan on scanning and including my sister's photography here:

WhooHoo - One down and hundreds to go. She took this picture in Forest Park in Portland. One of the hundreds of miles she and I hiked together or she did with her dog. More to come but not tonight. Maybe a poem since I feel so inspired. Hm - we'll see.


Some beautiful, nature music to help you relax.

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