Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Warm Music in a Cold Dark Winter

One of my favorite musicians has a new album: "Nobody's Flowers" by Persson. His genre is rock/jazz/blues. All beautifully done. He is a perfectionist I think and I enjoy every single tune of his.


December 21, 2009

Walking home on the shortest day of the year: 

Watching the cracked pavement
and all the paraphernalia of life go by,

smashed and broken, lost or abused, trifles, to be discarded
heartlessly . . .

every stray bit of paper face down,
                                      as if ashamed, and
lying still, clinging to the wet weeds along the way.
 At a busy corner lies a bloody tooth
                               long and narrow . . .

I jerk my head up to see
coldly remote
the silent silver sun
bursting through the black tree
                                                 branches . . . and

                 striking the tall cell towers . . .

reflecting back the dazzling
in hopes of correspondence
                     but expecting no reply.


FAll    11-2009

Knobby faces on trees
Silently pleading,
So many lines of geese
Like bandits fleeing.

Sunkissed leaves like the kite
drifting and falling,
Black wolf to the moon light
Echoes its calling.

Puddles reflect grayed sky
Perfumed wind rushing,
Sunsets like a mantel
On mountains blushing.



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