Friday, December 25, 2009

Didgeridoo - Percussion - Powerful Music

I really enjoyed this music this morning. Powerful stuff:


Here is my review:

The listener's heartbeat was captured by the percussion in these truly exciting pieces. And her soul vibrated with the powerful didgeridoo. Her ears cried with joy as she listened to all the mysterious voices. She felt as if she were standing, mesmerized, near a fire pit in the heart of Australia, red sparks rising up into the dark sky to join their brothers there: the cold distant stars. The pulse of the earth sang to her through these prodigious musicians and their phenomenal, sublunary mediums. And each tiny grain of sand, each boulder, every drop of water, all the beasts and the things that root into the earth - resonated with this potent, dynamic, earthy music.

What a heartwarming joy to listen to this grounded music. The theme of sound being such an integral part of the earth and its universal uniqueness is so remarkable, and powerful to remember, as we often take sound for granted. If we go back to our earlier fore-parents and hear their song we perceive such a visceral and common language that it needs no interpretation. Heart to heart, soul to soul, there is no more marvelous way to communicate than through a truly potent and heartfelt music.

This album was pure joy for me. The music was pleasant to the ears and created such peace in my core that I advise listening as an enhancement for well-being. There was no one track to expound on here but a raw enthusiasm for the whole album. I will share this around the Internet, my Blog and Facebook and on cd with my people.

Thanks to Nikila for recommending this album!

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