Friday, December 25, 2009

Peaceful Night!

A beautiful video to share with you:

Look for the artist, JCRZ, at Jamendo. Peace!

OK - Here is another album I am listening to tonight 
and think 
of as remarkably peaceful. 


Review written:

My first feeling was 'what gentle, expressive music.' "premier mars" 
was so upbeat and joyous as was "deux mars."
"Six mars" is hugely, awesome - with the artist's big piano play! 
Thrilling, up and down the scale, passionate - marvelous! 
I think maybe "huit mars" was my favorite. 
No, maybe the next track, or the next. 
I am still listening and I can't pick a favorite. "onze mars" was both majestic and playful - 
this one is my favorite. 
I loved "dix-neuf mars" it touched my heart and danced all around my head. 
No, no, stop teasing me. I think I won't pick a favorite. 
Just the whole gorgeous album of outstanding compositions.

Piano, instrumental, strings, percussion, bass were all beautifully woven together to produce 

this outstanding music. This artist gets more marvelous as he progresses through the months. 
I can't wait until the ecstasy of December but I think that "Ephemerides, mars" is pretty close. 
Can we fly beyond ecstasy? Pure beauty, utter loveliness. 
This artist makes such beautiful love to the piano that the listener's heart follows the rise and fall 
of the notes. 
And falls in love, too. To have that command of all those instruments and their creative potential - 
where to place the voices of each and every instrument - I am struck with awe!

This music took me on a broad and expansive voyage, up and down, into space and time 

and dancing
in the sunlight and mostly deep into the golden heart of the musician. 
This music was created to enlighten and to lift the flagging spirits of the listener. 
Outstanding job

I think several people recommended this album to me so I thank all my 
beautiful friends for doing so. 
Big huge smile to you!

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