Friday, October 15, 2010

The Bunnies

the bunnies in the fields
silently gathered to
gaze at the planes
rolling along the tarmac
readying to leave the earth. . .
taking lovers
away from lovers,

and lonely people
from their homes . . .
and so nobody aboard that plane noticed
the bunnies solemnly watching. . .
except the woman with the trembling tears in her eyes . ..
as the throbbing of the plane engines
matched the percussive rhythm of her hurting heart .. .
and just before the heavy wings lifted
her into the air,
she saw all the bunnies disappear
into a mist, which
floated along the emerald green fields,
covering the little creatures
like a blanket,
as if they had never been
anything but a dream or
a wisp, or a fragment of time
torn from between the covers
of the book of life
and scattered into the mists
of timeless mystery

and the mountains and the valleys

and the rivers below her
pushed her further and further away
from the places and people she loved . . .
and as the mist covered more and spread deeper ,

her world
disappeared. . .
becoming nothing but a stream of blank white,
like a piece of paper,
onto which she drew the colors of her love . . .
a rainbow streaming from the corners of her mind,
and it filled the world beneath her
drawing thousands of bunnies
to run free
and be


When I was sitting on the plane, in Paris, and as we taxied out toward the runway, I looked out the window and saw all those little rabbits.  I was so charmed and moved . . . also feeling sad . . . but I wanted to shout, "Look at all the bunnies!" . . . like you would on a school bus (being a school teacher)  . . . and I expected others to do the same . . . I guess a part of me is still a little kid . . . and it just made me feel so strangely alone to witness all those bunnies and not hear a word about it . . .

Sorry about my pencil drawings looking so faded . . . I just can't get them scanned right and I do use only the no. 2 pencils, because I start drawing at school and that's all I have handy when I feel inspired . . .. I am not sure that those are good excuses . . . but I have been enjoying drawing and feel a calming come through my little sketches . . . and then I share them here . . . most of them. . .  


Van Syla said... romantic and emotional..Why do people leave the ones they love ?
For so many reasons and... rarely the good one.
I love those wise bunnies !

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Lovely emotions written and felt in these lines Barb.
Thank you.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, both for your lovely comments . . . :-D