Thursday, October 7, 2010

What is Love?

On the Oregon Coast near the Wreck of the Peter Iredale . . .

What is Love?
How do we find it in this eternal universe
without getting lost in the dark. . .
has Love the glory of a fragile, dying star,
a brilliant flare, to guide us through this darkness?
What is Love?
Do we find it in that most precious of gems,
the human heart,
shining in the darkness of the breast. . .
pulsating and moving
with the sound of thunder rolling and calling
across the shaking mountains,
like a symphony for creation. . .
What is Love?
is it a tiny precious seed planted in the blood of the heart
and given nurture, grows
then expands and reaches out beyond the cage of bones
stretching toward the light of joy?
What is Love?
is it an oases in the desert of our lives,
each step we make alone an agony
until we find our heart's desire. . .
does it quench our thirst

yet keep us longing for more?
What is Love? 

To describe . . . to create an analogy,
to give the invisible a shape,
What is Love to see,
to hear, to touch,
is it a feeling we define. . .
is it a sudden awareness of another?
is it a hope,
a passion so sublime,
or a forbidden burning desire?
is it a way to fill a gaping hole
within the soul
of loneliness?

what is Love but the final step
away from the self
and into the other . . .
to become one. . .
and finally a part of the whole. . .

what is Love?


The Wreck of the Peter Iredale . . . Oregon Coast


Van Syla said...

What is Love ? A beautiful poem where the answer to the question is another question.
Thank you for sharing your precious thoughts.
Van Syla

Wolfsong said...

Thank you, Van Syla, for your comment, I appreciate your thoughts.