Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Red Leaf

The red leaf,
                                            released from her tree,
was cast adrift                  
in the still
                         and the calm
of the solemn air . . .
a sharp coolness touched the                                      
                                               of a small dusty sparrow
as she paused in her search                      
                    for that hidden meal
lurking beneath the bark         
                                             of the old tree. . .
                                                                   and as the leaf
fluttered and rocked on the                         
                                          breath of ancient gods,
the hunter's eyes of the little bird caught    
                                               the shadow and flash
of when life collides with death . . .                                         
the ultimate hunter. . .
                                         in that moment
as she was snatched up,                                        
a fraction of a second's inattention,
and the hawk's grasp
was loosed, while
                                               a few brown feathers joined the scarlet leaf
floating through the passive atmosphere,
the little sparrow was gone                                         
to rejoice in the shadows of the
                                                    nearest shrub,
while the hawk flew away hungry. . .                                 
                                                          and the sun hid his amber face
behind a lonely cloud
                                                             drifting on the crisp blue sky  . . .


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