Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Thoughts on an Autumn Morning

Autumn Flowers

My vision invites me to concentrate,
as I pick my way through the dark,
lifting my feet like
a ballet dancer . . . I move
through the air,
my vision gives me black cherry mazes,
and the pathway
I choose will do for
tomorrow and the rest. . .
as I dance towards
that day. . .
I am extolled by the lands that smile;

why do you turn your head away
from me. . . when you see me coming
do you see the death in me, or am
I invisible to you. . .
such a skeleton
and lonely scrap of a soul
that you cannot see me
. . .  nor do you want to

I once argued with some guy about the color of a car we saw . . . was it green or yellow . . . and I realized then, that all humans did not experience the very same thing . . . see the same way . . .

When I was way younger than I am now, and very bored with washing all the dishes for a family of six . . . I would daydream about how I was a bear dreaming it was a little girl . . . I actually came to believe my day dream . . . I now know I am that bear . . . dreaming she is an old woman.

you are not alone
I walk by your home
in the dark of the night,
under the moon's watch,
as you sleep, and I wonder
who you are. . .
and if you are happy
or need a friend
why don't you,
you who needs me. . .
reach out
and ask?

I walk by you
under the sun's bright rays, while
you walk with your
face pressed down. . .
a frown in your eyes
and I wonder,
Do you need me. . .
Is it my love
that you desire. . .
can we ever know,
can we ever dream?

I walk by you the. . .
fragility of you in your
car beneath the storm,
while the rain's bright fires
crush your dreams. . .
but I am here and
if you need me
can I hold your hand
hear your tale . . .?

I am here,
I am here, alone .. .. 
waiting for you.


The lonely one
looks at the skies for the company of the stars
and sees their distant faces
reflecting internal fires. . .
fires raging untended
for a hundred billion years -
they, like the angels, seeing only the infinite,
never seeing that lonely one
who looks through the skin of whales
as they fly through
the deepest seas. . .
following their dream-time in the grasses 

of the distant forest as
they drift through
the winds of the storm. . .
and the deep of the depths covers them in the blackness
of time,

sharply cracking as the tides
push at their
fragile sides

she ran through burning bushes
seizing hope
from the drifting leaves crashing
against her . . .
their skin bruising

As Autumn blazes
in glory with
a bright fair-thee-well
to the sun
and the warm tides
that pass through the air . . .
my eyes are filled with the
feeling that I have been here
and that I will pass safely
again. . . through
the days ahead . ..
through the
sharp winds biting my heels
and the gray descending
like a tyrant
on the unwary

I will bring out the colors
of Fall
and the promises from within
the thin walls
of my memories


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