Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Moment in Glory

And what is fall to me . . .
a harvest of bitter and dusty grasses
in the lesser sunlight,
a kaleidoscope of vivid colors
a last good-bye - from a spectrum
of summer's warmth,
a strength in old life. . .
and a lifting up of arms
to rejoice in shifting winds . ..
before the long night
of winter . . .
and the silence of a long rest.

It isn't the end . . .
it is a beginning .. ..
a circle of life's goals . .
a glowing moment
in the darkness of our understandings
and we see an eternity
in the splash of a fresh new moment.


Just a tiny space . . . within a short block .. .. colors so blinding and perfect ... rich and only from Mother Nature!

And I can't stop looking and gasping in awe!

Life is too short not to walk through with senses wide open . .. and defenses down . ..  just a little:

Magic happens in just a split moment . . . and then never returns . .. so the capturing of memories is for that second only . ..  and the value is endless .. . for our road can be through that beauty . .. and that magic, giving joy.

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