Saturday, October 2, 2010


or Threads Woven Through the Eternal Tapestry . . .


     Secrets I:

    We all have a story . . .
    She says, "I will write about the day my daddy got out of jail.
    and maybe he will read it . .. because I was so happy."
    And here was her story:
        {my dad got oat of jell i wus so hap that my dad came
        ohm to me i gave e he a big hug and i gave him a kiss
        on the cheeks i lug e hi m my mom }. . .

    and what is in a child's blood that tells the tale of
    the seed of the man who did not father her
    after all . . .
    and although ten years have gone by,
    will un-father her. . .
    and where an ocean grows from the tears
    of this lonely fatherless child,
    swims a frightened wingless angel . . .

    what is the shape of those bruises?
    mysterious like a Rorschach puzzle,
    and then. . .
    a feather drifts across the light of the moon as
    a simple wind lifts your hair from your face
    and what is that shadow,
    my little friend, .. .. who broke your wings
    and took away your smile . . .  ??

    Secrets II :

    the song of integrity,  faith, and trust belong to you alone . . .

    Secrets III :

    There in the darkness and the cold in the Valley of Despair
    lived the last unicorn.
    His greatest wish was to travel to the top of the mountain
    where the stars lived and danced to the music of the wind.
    His eyes would stray to that peak day and night
    and his desire played on his face like a shadow
    and gave away his wishes to the moon . . .
    In the night a dream came to him
    with the voice of the moon, who rested on that distant peak,
    telling him
    that he would grow the wings to fly
    if he could find a virgin who would give him her heart
    without being asked . . .
    So the last unicorn roamed through the valley and found
    that many were willing to give him their heart
    but these were only the lovers who were able to read the shadows
    on his face and understood
    what he longed for. . .
    and sadly he continued to search,
    but the virgins
    had not the knowledge .. ...
    nor the experience to understand
    his pain . . . 
    and so, kept their hearts to themselves . . . 

    and so the last unicorn
    withered away in despair.

    Secrets IV :

    Give your friend an empty box
    and in it they will put their heart's desire . . .
    Secrets V :

    By the side of the dusty road
    lay a little gray bird with beautiful feet
    and a broken wing,
    and as she lay there she became quite thirsty
    for she could see a puddle of water on that road
    a short distance away,
    and she wished that she could go there to drink,
    but though she tried to flap her wings
    she could only go in circles,
    as the broken wing would not move. . .
    and so her children called to her
    from their nearby nest, telling her to walk to the puddle,
    to ease her thirst. . .
    yet she refused for fear of damaging her beautiful and precious feet . . .
    and so she wept
    until she drowned in a puddle of her tears

    Secrets VI :

    The man walked quickly down the street towards me
    and sat on the bench in the bus shelter. . .
    reaching down behind him
    and staring at me the entire time,
    he unpeeled a small white
    package from under the seat . . .
    then he
    got up and
    running past me
    without a word
    crossed the street and disappeared into the park

    Secrets VII :

    I was walking by a table of very young children in the cafeteria, 
    when one little boy suddenly turned around on his seat to face me 
    and opened his arms wide.
    I asked him what he wanted and he said . . . "I want to give you a hug."
    So he stood up and gave me a really big hug, a very nice, long hug.
    Then the girl next to him did the same thing
    and when I was finished with that hug I got two more,
    delivered in the exact same manner . . .
    we were all smiling and we felt loved. . .
    so hugs are infectious .. .. .. like a virus but
    way more pleasant to participate in.

    Secrets VIII :

    All I really need to survive is a cup of water, a loaf of bread . . . and love. . .

    Secrets IX:

    Art -
    belongs to the living . . .
    the expressions of our tired souls are
    values of color, shape, words, sound,
    through every pore of our being we
    absorb the thoughts
    of others

    where we find harmony
    and where
    one soul resonates with another. . .
    we connect,
    as I pull you
    into me
    you speak to me through your song

    Secrets X:

    How not to clip the wings of a child:
    give them knowledge
    give them tools to create
    give them freedom . . .


All these secrets are true . . . and the pictures were taken on the same day within the space of one block.  B.W.

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