Sunday, October 24, 2010



            This is my first attempt at a video . . .

I used Van Syla's "Passing Passion" song
which she made for me and published in "Wolfsong's"
I used my poem, "The Heart of the Star"
and my pictures (on earth)
and pictures from the Hubble site . . .


Video by Barbara Wolfsong

Music by Van Syla:  Passing Passion
Stars by Hubble:

Poetry & Earth Photos by Orangeupurple?:
The Heart of the Star  - here on this blog:


Moineau En France said...

hard work, isn't it, making video? :>>)) a very nice first attempt, barbara; the music and poem worked beautifully together.

the only thing i might suggest in the future is forgetting about some of the line breaks in your poem, doing some storyboarding to use fewer pictures. for example, a picture with the word "and" didn't invoke a sense of anticipation. with so many photos, there was a lot of information to process. just "less is more".

i really enjoyed it and look forward to more explorations! LOVINGLY xoxoxoxo

ps. my verification word was "drolecou" (french for funny kisses?) :>>))

Wolfsong said...

Thank you very much for your comment . . . and I understand your advice, which will be helpful in the future. We will see how I improve as I do more videos (actually, IF I do more videos). Thanks again for watching and for commenting with great suggestions! ;-D xoxoxoxo