Monday, February 14, 2011

Missing You . . .

How I miss you . . .
when you have flown away
    from me . . .
the emptiness of my vision . . .
creates a hole in my world
where you once were ..

Your wings brush against my cheeks .. ..
as you fly and
I long to reach out  . .  try to seize
that one last feather . .  as it flashes in
the waning sunlight

just one memory to hold dear,
to watch it twirl in the air
aiming for my heart . . .
like a dart released
by a goddess . .  just one last look
of you . ..

one last dream

of holding you close,
                   fast, to my chest . .
to breathe your breath,
and touch your throbbing heart. . .
my hands trace the delicate
shape of your being . . .

you are an essence of me
I feel you in my heartbeat,
like a bird, fluttering against the crystal light.

I long to see you in the sunshine
and fly with you in the night .. ..

as you waft through my dreams,
like an angel,
I hold to every vision
of you . . . everything you do . ..
you say . ..
your look . .  when you look at me
I see my soul in your eyes . .
reflected there
and I long to stay . . .
always a reflection in you
safe inside of you

but these are the sentiments
of memory and dreams,
and even though I know you love me .  .
I long to taste the flavor of your mouth
and feel the warmth
of your strength . . .

when will you fly back to me . .
my love?
my eyes search the clouds
and the face of the moon
in the night . . .
tears blur my eyes
and I see shadows of your lovely face
wherever I look . . .
and I know that you rest
in my heart forever . . .


Tunes for "Vanlintines" by Van Syla

Poem for: "Xiuxiueig Llunar" by Söd'Araygua 

- A gift from the Angels -

brightly sparkles the gem . . reflecting the fires of the sun . ..
a lullaby . .. to lull you into comfort and contentment . . .
a tale to enlighten you
and beauty to engage you . . .

wings to lift you into a perfect dream . . .
arms to encompass you . . .
a feeling of safety
a sprinkle of magic to charm you . ..

a music to become for you
the magic you need . . .
and dance with you . ..
down your hidden pathway . . .

And there you will find
all the treasure you desire
and a subtle passion
where joy resides . .

Beautiful is the song . . .
that lifts my spirits
such as this . . .
perfection from the angels . . .
a gift . . .

- M^^W -


CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

MISSING YOU : very lovely and strong love poem Barb, very romantic, as thou you had lost your guardian angel. If so, even if you have the feeling to have lost him, he's still watching over you.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you very much, PM . . it is a comment on missing someone .. that is for sure . .. but I trust my guardian angel is somewhere nearby .. although I cannot see . .

- Barbara

Dom The Bear said...

Nice passages indeed.....but i just hope your invisible guardian is always nearby lol.....

Perhap a blue Wolfie Indian Spirit?? ;)

Friendly, Dom

Anonymous said...

Well, Barbara... you just placed a tear on the threshold of my eye... you know, I miss someone... and you brought up to me some memories through your words. Beautiful words... just like the memories... from the love of her... living, inside of me.

Wolfsong said...

Hey, Dom .. . thanks . .. I think you are right . .. a blue wolfie with wings :-D
- Barb

Wolfsong said...

Thank you Carlos . have beautiful memories . .and those are so valuable and precious . . hang on to them and treasure them. Its always so sad to miss someone in our lives but to have had them is a blessing indeed ...

- Barbara